Monday, May 5, 2008

Privacy going Public! --Stalkerazzi.

Is it so facinating to see others going to the store, walking the dog, and other simple everyday things? The paparazzi or "stalkarazzi" as some may call them constanly follow around celebrities 24/7 and have no sympathy for what terrible and horrifying shots they may get of them. It may seem to some that being famous would be amazing but would it REALLY be amazing to be constantly followed around and being caught on camera doing things you do not want shown to the public?? Is it right for these camera-men to be everywhere the celebrities go without giving them a rest?

Media invading people's privacy is an ongoing issue. Camera crews are hired to follow around a certain celebrity. Their goal? To get the most embarassing/interesting photo of them as possible. Could a celebrity being intruded cause them to perhaps go a little crazy? For example: Brittney Spears. She is a perfect example of what the media could possibly be doing to a person. Causing them to act out in unexplainable ways. Because of Britney, a new law has been brought up called the "Britney Law" as some think of it as or the "Personal Safety Bubble". (camera-men cannot come any closer than 60 feet away) Discuss weather or not the law should be passed.

Check more about it here:

Not only are celebritie's privacy being totally invaded, but also normal everyday people like ourselves! On youtube's logo picture it states: "broadcast YOURSELF". That does not mean broadcast others without their permission but yet people still do it. They broadcast fights, humilliating scenes, and also videos making fun of others for everyone to see. People may laugh at it, but how might you feel if it was you being made fun of or beaten up and it was shown on the internet for all to see. What does youtube say they permit and do not permit on their site? Do they follow through with what their rules are ?
info about youtube and rules on site here --


*adding more about new technology that invades our own personal privacy (ex; people using cellphones to take 'up-skirt' pictures*

Discuss weather or not more action should be taken on invasion of privacy both for celebrities and ourselves. When is it acceptable to be shown to the public without permission, and when is it not acceptable? Think of; is it right to invade celebs privacy? Is it right to show people on youtube for a joke when they do not know? In which situations is it a positive thing to invade privacy, and in which situations is it negative to invade privacy?

other sites with important info;
this one is about how Princess Diana's death may have been connected to paparazzi following their car:
video of justin Timeberlake talking about Papparazzi:

Unflattering photo taken of Tyra Banks by the papparazzi:

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tanja said...

Despite Lohan's scrapes with the paparazzi, she understands why they do what they do, noting that their photos can sometimes help careers.

"They don't drive me crazy," she said. "It's fine if you're going to follow me. … But don't run red lights. You're going to hurt someone."

tanja said...

so from my quote ^^^^^
it sorta shows that papparazzi are not that much of a problem
and this is coming from a girl who is ALWAYS being followed, she's always in magazines.

another thing, if papparazzi wasn' t following these people, how would they become famous?
are people really famous for their roles in movies, or how scandalous they become
lets not forget.. paris hilton, queen on the papparazzi is famous...for ... nothing

Sonya!AtTheDisco said...

I think it's ok to take pictures because thats what the paparazzi does. Thats their goal,to get the most embarassing/interesting photo. But sometimes it is a bit much. I personally wouldn't want someone following me and taking random pictures of me. After they shot the picture of Britney they started to say that she was crazy but she was only rehearsing for a movie role that she didn't get.
"I was preparing my character for a roll (sic) in a movie where the husband never plays his part so they switch places accidentally," the 25-year-old wrote. "I take all my rolls (sic) very seriously and got a little carried away."

tanya o said...

Celebrities and paparazzi is one whole package. You can't have one without the other. They don't become famous on their own, its photos and articles about them.

Mr. A. Puley said...


Linday Lohan is not saying that paparazzi aren't a problem - obviously they are or the "Britney Law" would be a non-issue. What Lindsay is saying is that she WANTS to be followed because, if she wasn't, then it would mean that she is NOBODY...and she doesn't want to be a NOBODY, right!?!

mal =) said...

Here is a case of Tyra Banks which i'm sure some of you know of where the papparazzi took an unflattering photo of Tyra and it was printed in magazines with captions saying "Tyra is getting fat".
(heres the video)

I added the picture they took onto my blog.

In this case, does it seem as though Tyra cares? or does she like them showcasing her with that picture to make her become more famous, or seen?

Janee=] said...

I beleive that this is 2 sided. Becoming a celebrity means you might have to give up things like privacy and rest. They know this when they go into the industry.
However, the other side of this is, are they going to far? ... Obviously. I realize that they are hired to fallow people around and get shots but in any of situation, it would be stalking. And these people would get charged.
Look at Princess Diana, it is said that the reporters caused her death because they were surrounding her trying to take photos instead of letting hopsital workers get to her and help her.

kelsey =] said...

"The worldwide obsession with celebrities spawns one of the most fascinating and feared by-products of pop culture -- paparazzi. Paparazzi are photographers who tirelessly hunt celebrities, public figures and their families for the opportunity to photograph them in candid, unflattering and at times compromising moments. What began as simple "street photography" is now a high-stakes game of cat and mouse that plays out in the everyday lives of the paparazzi's celebrity prey. As our cultures' voracious hunger for celebrity snapshots grows, so do the prices of these photos and the risks paparazzi take to get them. Many ethical, legal and privacy issues arise out of this questionable business."

Taking pictures of celebrities for magazines is one thing. But what some paparazzi do is going way too far, to the point where it has become stalking. But if celebrities are being stalked by the paparazzi it isn't necessarily a bad thing. The more famous you are, the more people want to know about you, therefore paparazzi try to take as many pictures of them as they can.

Here is another website for the new Britney spears law:

lessinbeen said...

I don't know what the big deal is, personally if somebody wanted to take pictures of me drunk, stoned, topless and CRAZY i'd say "go for it" so long as they're not takin shots of me in the washroom. If these celebraties give oppourtunities to publiclly humiliate themselves then that's their problem because they know they'll get caught and they do it anyway, then go "insane".

tanja said...

well how many stars create publicity stunts? these stars have PLENTY of privacy, how many stars honestly don't get bashed that much in magazines?
sure briteny.. cause she acts like a nutcase
lindsay ... is just a failure at life
miley wants to be a playmate
amy winehouse because she won't lay off the drugs..
add up? when you do things like this you sorta asked for it/

mal =) said...
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ALEX said...

Chris Crocker has a very different way of telling people, but i believe that the "stalkerazzi" should leave Britney alone. WHO CARES that Ryan Sheckler may be dating AJ. WHO CARES what lynsey lohan is doing right now?! Why do you NEED to know?! You don't. I believe that there should only be paparazzi at award shows, red carpet events, etc. But some celebrities like Lindsey Lohan has a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi, like Tanja said. But she just said that she loves having her photo taken. Some other celebraties like Britney Spears, who is being torn apart by the paparazzi might not.

mal =) said...

invasion of privacy through youtube?!? ;

"THE parents of a teen who suffered a horrific beating from six other teens are blaming websites like MySpace and YouTube for allowing videos of such attacks to be broadcast on their sites."

more about it--

saara said...

All these celebrities need the papparazzi, other wise how would the world know who they are?

like tanya said in her comment it's one package you can't get one without the other. there's always the good and bad in everything and the papparazzi is the price to pay for fame. they just come with the job just like their job is to act, sing, dance, model etc. the papparazzi is also doing their job and that's following these stars and taking their pictures.

no matter how much any celebrity might complain or say that the papparazzi is a huge problem, they need them because without them they would be nothing and they can't have that.

in my opinion papparazzi isn't a huge problem, yes they do cross teh line sometimes and there should definetly be boundries but they are doing their job and if anythign they are helping these celebrities become someone that everyone is talking about whether it's good or bad as long as people are talking you're famous.

briar. said...

i totally agree iwith tanja, paparazzi isnt all bad may even be good to get noticed. BUT lets think back, to when a princess was in france. This women, princess diana, was being chased by paparazzi and got into a fatal accident in a tunnel, when her driver attempted to lose them. please tell me when the paparazzi will stop, where do they draw the line?!

for the Youtube issue, i have embaressing videos of me on youtube (dont look it up!! lol) because my friends thought it would be hilarious. to be honest as much asd people say omg you must be sooo embaressed...i really wasnt it didnt bother me, i liked that people were noticing me and i got attention...ahaha.

i think people like the attention. altho youtube needs to make sure these videos arent getting out of hand. the fights on youtube are so ridiculous, i dont even understand why they are up.

we need to make sure paparazzi and these amature filmers, filming people without permission dont get out of hand.

ah-leks said...

I'm going to jump straight into Tanja's comment and say that I disagree, paparazzi take it wayyy too far. It's kind of pathetic for the celebrities to gain fame from just doing what they normally do, just like us, living ordinary lives, and getting famous for it? It's different when its onscreen though, they are providing their audience entertainment, and thats their intention, but when they get their picture taken while picking up after their dog they do not intend to entertain us. Well, unless they are desperate for attention like "Speidi"(Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag off The Hills

"It's not a secret to media insiders that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are in bed with one particular photo agency.

The pair arrange with their pap friends to stage "exclusive" photo ops - the exclusivity makes the pics more valuable - and then the couple split the profits with the pag agency.


See those two don't avoid the paps instead they want them around which is sad, but thats only because they are not like other famous celebrities they didn't do much in order to get their status!People like Britney Spears and Nicole Richie should be left alone when going through traumatizing times, the paps don't help! These people don't deserve to give up their actual lives for the paparazzi's sake, they work enough while filming and performing, we're treating celebrities like they are show dogs, even they get more of a break than actual people who just happen to be famous!!

Sonya!AtTheDisco said...

Its not just the celebrites! Mal wrote the one about the girl who got beat up by 6 other girls. I think thats totally stupid. They said they only did it so they could pu t it up on Youtube. It is not necessary. They invaded her privacy and she didnt even ask for it.

forbzy said...

The paperazzi and celebrities keep each other in a job. As bad as they made Britney Spears look during her meltdown her new album sold 2 million copies worldwide. I guess any publicity is good publicity but causing car accidents is taking it a little too far. I think celebrities should be given privacy at their homes and with their families.

mal =) said...
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mal =) said...

Aleks made a good point that no one has yet saying that "It's different when its onscreen though, they are providing their audience entertainment, and thats their intention, but when they get their picture taken while picking up after their dog they do not intend to entertain us."

Most have to realize that they ARE normal people just like us who have normal things to have to consider how you would feel being stalked while doing everyday things

--im adding new info soon on how new technology invades OUR privacy -- example; people using cameras on cellphones to take pictures up women's skirts and the law brought up for it! you can research a bit on your own if you want.

Brandon said...

Ok first of all, I'll admit that this topic is difficult for me to post to.

I agree with mal. People generally don't consider themselves anything like celebrities which is a problem. Everyone's human. I'm pretty sure that most people wouldn't want people following them everywhere. I sure wouldn't. I can understand taking pictures at a big event, but it gets ridiculous when the paparazzi follow a celebrity and record every moment of their lives. It’s an invasion of privacy. I think that the “Britney Law” should definitely be passed. It’ll give celebrities more privacy. I personally think that the paparazzi should have to ask for permission for anything they disclose.

YT is a huge issue. One of my friends had a video uploaded of him without permission. It claimed he died from playing World of Warcraft. The guy that made it also stated that if you play World of Warcraft you'd end up fat like my friend. Surprisingly it is still on YT. At first my friend was seriously angry. It caused major issues between my friend and the uploader. YT staff doesn’t seem to remove videos unless they are in serious violation. Fights would probably be removed, but videos making fun of someone stay on YT longer.

LBurton24 said...

This is definetly something I can relate to as there is a camera on me everywhere I go..
Well not exactly, but I would like to put myself in their shoes and experience how this feels. I do not agree when a few say that these celebrities publicize themselves. This makes the papparazzi look like they just wait on one's doorstep and start filming the second he or she comes outside. These people would do anything to get footage of a celebrity anywhere, not just on the streets and I dont believe people are crazy enough to walks the streets naked or allow themselves to be shown under the influence.

If permission is granted to the papparazzi to do this, then I think it is a great way to advertise With or without permission, I believe they are doing a great job

lauren! said...

I agree with saara’s argument; “there's always the good and bad in everything and the paparazzi is the price to pay for fame”. Without the paparazzi snapping pictures of celebs all the time, we wouldn’t care about them as much. Especially the pictures of them being “themselves” (ie. walking their dog, carrying their babies, eating ice cream). These are the pictures that the public want to see because they can relate to them. We often see images of celebrities on the red carpet, with their hair and makeup done perfectly wearing beautiful gowns. We strive to see pictures of them being “average joes” to justify their dream lives. Unfortunately, pictures like Britney spears going crazy with an umbrella are even more popular because they make OUR lives seem more glamourous. In order to get these pictures, paparazzi must track these stars down in their everyday lives. There is no law stating that pictures cannot be taken out in public. Therefore, the paparazzi are just doing their jobs. If you want to be a famous actor, singer, etc…prepare to see pictures of yourself picking your nose, pulling your wedgies or smearing ketchup all over your face while trying to eat a big mac. It’s part of the job description!

As for the paparazzi “stalking” famous people, it is quite possible. There have been several cases of paparazzi harassing celebrities (ie. tom cruise being squirted with water during an interview, lindsay lohan being chased through a restaurant, etc).
Click here to read about the criminal stalking law in canada!

I believe scenarios like this are WAY out of hand and must be put to a stop.

Finally, I must make a shout out to Forbes. His comment about Britney’s album sales is dead on. I personally find britney’s new music ABOUT PAPARAZZI is her best yet. It was a brilliant idea…take a negative, turn it into a positive..and make millions of dollars in the process!

kelsey =] said...

I also agree with saara and lauren. If these celebrities didn't have people constantly taking pictures of them, they probably wouldn't seem as interesting. People love to see celebrities being "normal" and just living their lives like normal people. Too see celebrities when they wake up in the morning in their normal clothes and they aren't all done up is what people love to see.
There is even an article on the internet and it says "It may be prurient and trashy, but it gives us something to talk about - and takes self-important stars down a peg or two."

And what mallory said about youtube, is so true. So many people just take random videos and put it up on youtube. Or even on the internet so many pictures and videos are being posted that are bad or disturbing. There are guys that hide under bleachers or under stairs just so they can see up girls skirts and then they take pictures and post them on the internet! So, it's not just paparazzi that invade people's privacy, the average person does it too.

I also agree with lauren and david about britney spears' new music about paparrazzi. I think it's pretty good and it's so true. The lyrics of her song, piece of me, fit this topic perfectly...
"I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don't matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They're still gonna put pictures of my derriere in the magazine
You want a piece of me?
You want a piece of me...

I'm Miss bad media karma
Another day another drama
Guess I can't see the harm
In working and being a mama
And with a kid on my arm
I'm still an exceptional earner
And you want a piece of me

I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the rich and famous
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. Oh my God that Britney's Shameless
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. Extra! Extra! this just in
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin
(You want a piece of me)

I'm Mrs. 'You want a piece of me?'
Tryin' and pissin' me off
Well get in line with the paparazzi
Who's flippin' me off
Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc
And end up settlin' in court
Now are you sure you want a piece of me? (you want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets'
When getting the groceries, no, for real..
Are you kidding me?
No wonder there's panic in this industry
I mean please...
Do you want a piece of me?"

tanja said...

its sorta bittersweet? good sometimes but on the other hand it can be damaging as well, but isnt that like everything?
so many careers come hand in hand with something, you sorta have to give up a part of your life to be successful.

DavidParker said...

Personally, I think paparazzi is kind of stupid, but what's more stupid, is the people who actually care about this kind of stuff, celebrities are just people with cool jobs, I don't care who's pregnant, dating, divorced, doing drugs, or anything.

If we were to make a magazine about the kids at OP, I have a really good feeling celebrities would never read it, so if they don't care about us, why do we care about them? let them entertain us with their music, or acting, or whatever they do, not their personal lives, because that's PERSONAL, paparazzi shouldn't exist, but we have to realize, the only reason they do exist, is because people like us actually care about this stuff, think about things that affect you people, stop caring about those people, they don't need any more attention.

lauren! said...

David, as much as you want to deny it …you do care!!!

Whether it’s famous movie stars, athletes, writers or musicians, everyone is SOMWEHAT interested in their lives …and the paparazzi knows it!

I agree with tanja..paparazzi is bittersweet. but there’s a good and bad side to everything.

чℓℓzล said...

Lauren is right! everyone cares about it or else we wouldnt have the paparazzi following them ... they wouldnt even have a job ... i also agree with Saara without the paparazzi we wouldnt know who the people are and how can you be famous without people knowing your name ... sometimes they do cross the line though ... and that youtube thing about those 6 girls beating up that girl just to put it on youtube that's ridiculous how bored can you be ?

ah-leks said...

Yeah so Yllza, you're basically saying that our society is obssessed with the famous people? Like today in class we go toto see how the Beatles were chased around for years because it was new to our culture to obssess over famous people, but things have only gotten worse from there. Celebrities don't deserve to be treated like this, they are only doing their job as entertainers, they need their downtime. Why don't people who actually do something other than entertain get chased around and obssessed over liek that? Like doctors, they save lives, or police men, firefighters? These people should have their own channels obviously ofr people to really witness the work they do, instead of watching dolled up celebrities preforming scripted work. Either way, privacy shouldn't be invaded, i would be soooparanoid if I had that problem, look at how the olsen twins turned out, particularily Mary kate Olsen. Her eating disorder? I can only imagine the stress she has had, and how many cameras have snapped pictures of her when she was at her worst, these people have their day to day lives recorded through pictures without their actual,personal permission!!

Brandon said...

Lauren's find on the law is interesting. If it is illegal to stalk people then why isn't something being done about the paparazzi? I kind of disagree with Lauren's last post though. Some people really don't care about celebrities. While posting I was trying to think of a celebrity that I'd want to know about their personal life. I honestly couldn't come up with anything. I don't really care about who they are, it's what they have done that matters. I know someone's probably going to say that I can't possibly not care, but you don't know that.

I really wish people would stop over-glorifying celebrities. Paparazzi only makes it worse. They annoys celebrities, but they help improve their careers. ah-leks made a really good point. Celebrities shouldn't even be glorified anyways. They just provide entertainment. There are so many people that do much more important things. It's sad that people put their attention on the entertainers.

Harinder said...

Of course more action should be taken on invasion of privacy for both celebrities and ourselves. Just imagine if someone followed you around taking pictures and/or videos, which ultimately is invading your space? Isn’t that too annoying? Also I don’t think it’s acceptable to post videos, pictures of others without their permission. Think of it as being karma. Imagine someone putting up a stupid video of you on youtube and every one of your friends, family, and teachers watching it. It sure would change the way they think about you. For example if a student put up a video of a teacher with a funny accent or something they think is funny and posted it on you tube, what would happen? Most probably the principle and cops would get involved right? Other scenario is that what if a quiet and shy students’ video is on youtube perhaps, because of their looks, voice, or something. It depends on them if they tell the principle and get cops involved. Honestly speaking though do you think that a shy student will go up to the person who posted the video and confront them? No. Some people are just stupid to take other people’s videos and/or pictures and post them thinking what they are doing is “cool” or even “acceptable”. Although, I think paparazzi makes celebrities a little more famous for no reason. No one needs to know stupid little flaws about celebrities. Every individual can have horrifying pictures taken, but not everyone’s is made a big deal. Celebrities are made a big deal because “we” have an image of them being so perfect, but then when a weird picture is taken of celebrities, the magazines, news, TV, make it a big deal. I don’t think it is acceptable to go into either a celebrity or just a normal person’s space. I believe everyone needs and should have their own privacy. Privacy should not be made public.

briar. said...

like i said there needs to be a line. at times its okay for papparazi to taske a few photos and leave, they dont need to be chasing celebs down causing chaos, like the paparazzi needs to chill out.

there are some paparazzi that ask permission and take good pro, pics of celebs to put in magazines.

LBurton24 said...

I agree with brandon when he says if it really is illegal, why isnt anything being done? I have seen many good pictures of celebrities. one being of gwen stefani.. who i highly doubt wanted this picture taken at this time. Looks like a confused, pregnant albino.

Celebrities should not even be such a focal point in the first place. Just because they do a great job (In some cases) to proivde us with some sort of entertainment, how are they any different than anyone else? I like the examples aleks gives with olsen, and lists policemen and firefighters. I think they do a lot more for society than celebrities, yet they get such little recognition. Not like the paparazzi are going to go around trying to make these heros look bad, but why not? I'm not going to contradict myself and say the paparazzi are bad, that is not what im saying. Just I dont understand why the only people they follow are celebrities. Everybody else has a life, why not go after them during their worst times? Let's make it a little fair here

ALEX said...

Yeah, people do crazy things in there life but you dont have to document every little thing. But there is still a limit. I think if, like with Britney, the paparazzi has taken it to far, then she should be able to get a restraining order.

tanya o said...

i agree with aleks and brandon. Celebrities are getting all the attention for being seen doing absolutlety nothing. yet there are soo many people out there that are ACUTALLY making a difference and deserve a bit of fame. I could really careless about celebrities, and what they do in their daily life.

Sonya!AtTheDisco said...
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Sonya!AtTheDisco said...

Some people would like to be in the magazines to get themselves out their and more popular. I think it would be great for those celebrities who are less noticed. These days even if someone took a bad picture of a celebrity, they know how to make it a positive now. Tyra had her "who cares" campaign, Britney wrote many songs of her on screen life and Lindsey is loving every moment of her flashing rollar coaster ride.
So really it depends if you can make that negative into a positive.

jessica12312 said...

I agree with Alex and Tanya. Our fascination with drugged up, boozing and crazy people that accomplish and do nothing for our world still confuses me to this day. Why do they deserve the fame? What have they done that I so great? Not to mention the fact that being paparazzi actually allows to to waste time documenting very invaluable moments in our world. It is really disturbing how many paparazzi act with such desperate measures to pursue in a career that really helps no one in the end. As Tanya quoted in her first post: "They don't drive me crazy. It's fine if you're going to follow me...But don't run red lights. You're going to hurt someone." Running into the face of danger to themselves an other just for the perfect shot. What about running red lights for global warming or the fight against AIDS? Something that may very well benefit our entire whole of a people someday. What have these people truly accomplished?

My answer:_____________________
[are you joking me?]

mal =) said...

I completely agree with everyone that said firefighters/doctors/policemen etc deserve way more appreciation and respect then ANY of the celebrities do. It really shows us what our society is like when THOSE people are being worshipped and the real heroes are not.